gift guide under $50 for everyone

Toronto is currently on a 2nd lock down for 28 days, Christmas is 4 weeks from now or if it sounds less scary, let’s say one month, either way this reality cannot be changed or shaken off. Having said that, being alive and having breath is way more important than anything else so I have decided to make Christmas as fun as I can for my family and I.

I also thought to share some holiday gift guide since I didn’t have much time to do so last year, you can check here, here and here. Putting into consideration the current financial situation the world is I wanted to be creative and make sure that you can get your loved ones gifts without breaking the bank too much.

I will advice you not to procrastinate if you are shopping online this year as there might be massive delays because since the pandemic shipping has also changed with a lot of delays, lockdowns are happening and a lot of people are still working from home. Also keep in mind it is the holiday season so definitely get up and get your gifts really early.

Also, This gift guide is just to give you an idea of things you might gift your family, friends and loved ones. having said that you can please feel free shop any of the items below just by clicking on the item or items.



As always thanks for stopping by, and I hope you become more optimistic, and continue to stay STYLISH!