four classic prints that are needed in your closet

As a true lover of fashion, you will notice the recycling of certain prints on the runway. This prints regardless of the season of the year are always “in trend”. They always come in pants, skirts, blouses, tops etc you name it. Might be in the trending colour, style or might not, but the point is once you have few pieces in this prints trust me you can get your money’s worth by the cost per wear.

Animal Prints has to be my favourite print and trend I tried and I can not get enough of it. I mean this print clearly is stylish regardless of the kind of piece of item it comes in. I absolutely love this print so much and I can see why it is considered as a neutral, which is all I need to hear lol. Nuetral pieces just make styling much easier, mean it is just needed.

Floral Prints can be classified into two types, namely the spring/summer and the fall ones. Now I know you might be thinking what is the difference, well summer florals are always in vibrant colours, a bit on the louder side of things as it brightens and brings happiness regardless of how it is worn, especially when it is bright like this dress shared below. Now the darker type floral is more for fall/ winter season, as I shared in this post, here. Dark floral just makes a winter day feel better and looks great for the season.

Polka Dots is another fun print that I have been enjoying lately as shared in a double dose here. I actually just shared this dress in this post by Zara in their new collection but it is sadly sold out. However, there are more options here, here and here

Sequins is that glamorous print that elevates an outfit and completes a red carpet type look. It is usually deemed or reserved for special events and mostly comes in dress, also usually comes in tops as well. I actually wore this dress below for my birthday few years ago!

As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish!