fashion quotes that inspires me

Today’s post I am sharing some quotes that encourage inspire and kind of my style “secrets” and I truly believe in most of this quotes, not only because they were spoken by renowned A+ names designers in the fashion world but because I could relate to this quotes as an individual and lover of style.
I have shared quite a lot and there’s way more than these, however, I couldn’t share all due to space. Now when I said earlier on that I can totally relate to some of these amazing quotes I meant it and I will share how, for example, quotes like “buy less, choose well by Vivienne Westwood, omg guys I totally get this, like I have been emphasizing on my blog, and also in this post versatility is KEY. It is better to invest in pieces that will serve you multiple ways oppose to have clothes your closet cannot contain.
Another wonderful quote I love is by Ralph Lauren, “fashion is not necessarily about labels, it’s not about brands, it’s about something else that comes within you” This I believe with any style lover that’s passionate and talented, is so true, for example with me truth be told I have worn pieces, specifically dresses even pants as in this post, that pair of leggings was $10 when I got it!
As Victoria Beckham said “I’m not worried about whats in fashion, whats not in fashion, what are the colors of the season. I go with my gut instinct because every time I haven’t its been a mistake”. okay, so this quote made so much sense to me as soon as I read it for the first time. As I have shared in the past, present and will continually share, my style is classic, don’t get me wrong I do trendy pieces here and again however regardless of the season or trend my style I believe will stand the test of time!

In the past I was more concerned about oh its winter, colors are for the summer season and it was challenging for me because I love doing colors, it was until I changed my mindset and started following and doing what my heart wants that I figured out a way of doing vibrant colors during the cold months without overdoing it as shared in this post, this post, and even in this post
“Fashion fades, style is eternal” Yves Saint Laurent. Yes, I totally agree with this because fashion and trend always evolve and is never the same however your style is who you are and what comes from inside of you naturally, style is your talent basically! 

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do sharing with you always!

As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend  ahead and stay STYLISH