everyday gratitude is a must – thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!! Celebrating this year is definitely very different as 2020 will always be a year we will continuously tell our children and their children about. With covid back on the rise here in Toronto, some public places have been shut back down, it’s so funny that this year started absolutely normal but took a very dangerous turn with a pandemic unforeseen and unknown that struck while literally paralyzing the entire world for months.

Having said that, I am super grateful for being alive, well and healthy with my family, my mom and siblings and their families are also well and alive. For me, this pandemic has thought me to re-evaluate my priorities and appreciate living, appreciate having a healthy family and appreciate family time that is so easy for us all to take for granted sometimes.

To be honest I personally think the world needed to slow down from the fast paced rat race life but not in the terrible way it did, as to any situations there is always a positive and negative side it only depends on your perspective. The pandemic changed a lot of things around in a positive way as well.

  • Companies realized employees can work from the comfort of there homes
  • A lot of people stepped into faith and started thier dream business ( Including me
  • Schools here now offer online and in person schooling and in some cases they offer both
  • A lot more healthy precautions were put in place by the govt.

Now, for me personally I made sure to intentionally enjoy the slow down, and this allowed me to have a clearer head, enough time to work even harder on this blog. I was able to start sharing my faith, more family related posts some home decor which by the way stay tuned I have a reveal to share very soon. Also I have been sharing more videos on my instagram page so make sure you check it out.

Some of the major things this pandemic has thought me is to

  • Make sure you know God and keep growing your relationship with Him everyday
  • Enjoy your today, forgive always
  • Show love to everyone by being kind always
  • Tell your loved ones how you truly fee about them (everyone needs love
  • Go after your dream and work hard at it
  • Make memories at any given opportunities
  • Try facing your fears every day ( Im still on this journey too wink

My heart and prayers go out to everyone who lost a loved during this pandemic, I pray God in His infinite mercy will console and make you whole!

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As always thanks for stopping by, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope you become more optimistic,