dressing the bump

Hello lovelies happy bump day!, I am doing something a bit different and more geared towards my fellow beautiful mamas to-be. Being  pregnant myself I understand some wardrobe challenges we face and how confusing it can get. With a baby on the way looking and feeling our best can be tricky, so I am sharing key pieces that I invested in and can be mixed and matched also will become staple for the duration of the pregnancy and also very budget friendly without spending much. Now it doesn’t matter if you are a first time mama-to-be or someone like me expecting my fourth baby this guide applies to all. Keeping in mind it is understandable if as a first time mum you decide to change your whole closet (I have done that as well) it’s the joy of motherhood and lets face it women love any excuse to shop! lol wink.

#The most important rule of all  is, while pregnant being comfortable is the ultimate. Always buy stretchy and versatile pieces that can be worn during pregnancy and after the baby is born. (its called bump to baby.

  1. 1. Sweaters – being pregnant during the winter season this is a most, as it is very versatile and can be worn on a pair of jeans for brunch, movies, or even date night. It can also be worn on skirt or pants for work paired with blazer.
  2. 2.  The belly fit – jeans or pants is much-needed, it gives the belly full coverage and hugging support. It can be folded  once or twice for increased back support and for low-rise fit. Also comes in adjustable and ultralight for women with sensitive skin and now in invisible (nude color) which is a thin fabric with extra stretch.
  3. 3.  Flats – While pregnant its most advisable to wear flats as they are very comfortable and versatile for any season, and looks good on any outfit. Its best especially when the bump is getting bigger coupled with the weight which causes us to walk in a wobbly manner and lose our balance easily, not forgetting swollen legs (hence the penguin walk like my family calls it lol).
  4. 4. Knit and stretchy dress – this will grow with the belly and it comes in different colors and styles and can be styled in various ways. It is also work appropriate, date or girls night out, styled with a vest, blazer, scarf, sweater or cardigan the options are numerous.
  5. 5.  Layering tee – this comes in different colors and can be worn with skirt, pants or jeans even worn under a sleeveless dress. Getting colors like black or navy blue is suggested as you get a lot of wear out of it.
  6. 6.   Maternity dark-colored Jeans – of course we all love our pairs and can’t do without them and as I like to call it the uniform of the world. Keep in mind dark-colored ones gets a lot of use and wear, personally I prefer just a regular skinny pair that can be worn with high, knee-length or angle boots and also flat or just our regular pair of heels.
  7. 7.   Leggings – is also needed on days you just don’t feel comfortable regardless of what you do. makes one feel light and not worn down, easy to wear and take off  and also comes in different colors can be worn with literally anything similar to a pair of jeans.
  8. 8.    Scarfs – works well in any season comes in different beautiful bright colors, keeps mama warm and fashionable.

1. Blazers – This is one of my favorite and a staple piece in my closet, I LOVE blazers and i think i have a collection going. Just like handbags I cant help myself when i see one i like. I honestly think every woman needs at least 4 in different colors as it can be worn with skirts, pants, leggings, dresses and of course jeans. I find its my go-to and classic piece that can be worn when in doubt or confused of what to wear and blazers look good worn with boots, flats and heels.
2.  Sweater with shirt layered – this is like a two in one look much lighter to wear than actual wearing two layers. I find this gives a well  put together look either dressed up or down. Its quiet comfortable and work appropriate, also can be combined with all pieces mentioned in this post.
3.  Buttoned down or opened cardigan – is also versatile to wear with dresses, skirts pants or jeans
4.  Black ruche dress – any dress with rushing to it, is usually very comfortable and looks sexy during and after pregnancy. I chose black because it is date night or dinner with friends appropriate and getting a good use out of it sounds good too. It can be worn with a blazer or with a poncho over it during the cold nights. 
5.  Boots – can be ankle, over the knee, or just high if its winter. can be worn with all the key pieces talked about so far and can be worn dressed up or down. Like all the key pieces comes in different styles and colors.
6.  Body-con Dresses – are usually form-fitting that hugs not only your curves but the bump making the body look sexy. Also appropriate for going out and can even be dressed down.
7.  Trousers also known as pants –  I recommend this in black again it can be combined with key pieces mentioned and getting your money’s worth is important. It is very work appropriate.
8.  Poncho – can be used instead of wearing a winter jacket as jacket can feel heavy sometimes (as if being pregnant is not enough lol). It’s recommended as its big enough to go round the body and shields from the cold. 

I hope this recommendations helps save you money, makes you comfortable while being a sexy mama. Enjoy your journey to motherhood its a beautiful one!

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time, stay STYLISH mamas!!