ditch black for beige/nude shades

Apologies to anyone and no disrespect meant on this post, it is just how I feel personally and as an individual. Yes I know black is a very safe colour for literally everyone, it does not bring attention, it is a very versatile, a functional colour in any type of style and or closet and goes with everything under the sun. Black gives the illusion of being slimmer and works amazing for work or corporate style as well.

For some months now I have been wanting to explore and experiment more with colours, but I find black to be harsh on some or most of my colour combinations. I am not a big fan of the shade or colour, generally speaking. I worked in a service orientated environment for years and it made black worse for me as it depresses me wearing all black, everyday every week. 

Having said that today’s post is a perfect example of why and how you can still look stylish without a lot of black pieces in your closet. I reintroduce nude/ beige shades to you!! :). For this outfit, I wanted a subtle almost neutral look hence the monochrome, also I wanted you to see that this shade is as versatile and functional as black and even way more. And on this colour is so in trend right now as well!

My love for this shade starting last year or so when I started incorporating it into my closet and mixing it here, here and here with other colours, I realize it diffuses and blends more with colours. You can even do a nude with a hint of pink in it that works amazingly well too. Beige/ nude shade can be styled with any colour, works amazing with work style, or play and it will look absolutely beautiful so if you haven’t you need to try it! 🙂

//Outfit Details//
//Pants //Earrings //Nude Mules //Staud Shirley Bag //Nude Top //Long Vest// 



Some nude/beige pieces I added to my closet
Styling this look with nude/beige boots diffuses and makes the colours look better

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