different ways to style midi length pieces

Hey, there lovelies it is another beautiful Friday and it all about pieces with the midi length in today’s post! There’s just something about midi length in dresses and skirts that I can’t explain, but I sure know I feel sexy, very confident, elegant and of course chic. The midi length is my signature and go-to length as it makes it works well for me hence why I have it in different colors and style in this post, herehere and here, I prefer and love the figure-hugging silhouette, for my body type.
When I say figure-hugging does not necessarily mean very tight cant breath type, but the kind that’s exactly my size with enough room for me to move and breathe in (this is very important as my style is not the painful type. LOL.
The midi length makes me feel royal, lol yes, really I mean why not, I have always loved and mostly covered up as I have always believed in “showing less and that less is more” however, growing up you do and wear whats in trend right? which of course I did for awhile until I found the style I loved and was super comfortable in. Being an adult I was able to identify with my inner being and followed by my heart and style.
Having said that, that does not mean I judge or think less of those who dress or think differently from me, I believe in equality, and freedom of expressing yourself through your personal style. For me, Midi length is my personal and signature style that you will always find me in regardless of the season or weather.
Another reason which is mostly a trick to the eyes, is I find midi length elongates me in a way I love and especially enjoy, as in this post, it doesn’t matter if it is in skirt or dress. Overall midi length pieces give a classy, well thought put together looks that will attract great compliments where ever you go!

As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome week while staying STYLISH