decorating home office on a budget

Happy Friday lovelies! Just so you know before you guys get mixed up THIS POST IS NOT MY HOME OFFICE REVEAL but to share how I pulled everything together without overspending or breaking the bank! Today I will be sharing how I have been challenging myself so very recently and I must say I have come to enjoy it every time I do this, as it brings the best and creative side of me I didn’t even know existed!
Challenging myself not only brings excitement and amazing results, I have also come to realize it has helped reduce overspending and even allowed me to save money towards items I love spurlging on as shared in this post. I also challenged myself in this post while pregnant with my last baby by not buying any maternity clothes and I was super proud of myself as buying clothes, I seriously enjoy doing quite a lot. As a savvy shopper, words like budget friendly, on sale items or a good bargain are what I love to hear every day all day and they are music to my ears! (Just keeping it real yall lol).
A few weeks ago when I decided it is time for me to have a home office, I didn’t know the theme or color coordination I wanted to go for, or how the final look was going to be. However what I knew was I didn’t want to spend a lot of money as this was my very first home office and so once again I challenged myself to stay within a certain budget for the decoration.
Having said that I knew I wanted a shelf to display my big/medium handbags for sure and I was so blessed to have also found a way to store my mini bags. For my shoes, I decided to stick with the transparent boxes and hanging over the door method as shared in this post. For my clothes, I realized my new closet wasn’t big enough to house all my clothes at once so I used a rack to hang all my coats and shawls instead.
Now I had all my belongs in a room and I do not like clutter in any way shape or form, so I decided not to over-decorate and wanted to keep it simple, which was key for me. Believe it or not, I am a different kind of minimalist, I prefer to have only items or pieces I currently am using or loving and don’t enjoy holding on to things I lost interest in or have not used in a while!

I had one goal and achieved quite a lot during this process, by shopping with my intuition (I listen to my heart and soul and got what I truly needed and loved 

  1. Challenged myself to decorate within a certain budget (opposed to going wild and spending the money I didn’t have)
  2. Purchase what is needed and not what I want (I got a unit shelf to display my bags oppose to custom made) and I did some DIY projects along the way by painting my unit shelf my desired color and applied wallpaper all by myself which is the 1st for me! (oppose to hiring someone to do it for me) Unit shelf for handbags// Amazon, here and Wallpaper// Homesense, similar here
  3. Decorated around what I already had (oppose to buying new things) details of my old vanity/makeup Table, Check this post for details and Face wall Decal// Amazon, here
  4.  Purchase what is needed and not what I want (I got a working table and chair) White office chair// Homesense, exact one, similar one, Desk// Homesense, similar here, here, Decorative pillow // Homesense, similar here, White erase board Walmart, similar here 5. Retained my old shoe boxes used in my last walk-in closet from before, storage boxes for heels old // Dollarama, exact one, Used doors  as storage for flat shoes old // Solutions, exact one, Clothes Hangers// Dollarama old (opposed to buying fancy and more expensive ones)6. Opted for clothing rack for my coats/shawls (oppose to buying or custom made closet) //Clothing Rack// Homesense, similar here7. Clear Purse Organizer Rack came in handy as it held exactly all my minibags and it shared space with my coats and shawls // Solutions, exact one here. Also for my scarfs and belts storage// Dollarama, this can work as well, Sheepskin Rug old // Costco, similar here, Magazine holder old // Homesense, similar here
    8. Used walls (for hats) as storage, and even doubled up so as not to have the entire wall covered in hat(oppose to buying) //Hats Hooks// Command hook, here PS as much as I would have loved Homesense to sponsor this post, IT WAS NOT SPONSORED. I got everything myself! Have you ever Challenged yourself to achieve something? If yes what was it and how did it go, If not I encourage you to try it, you will be shocked at yourself!

    And as always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend ahead while staying STYLISH