creating a family holiday tradition

Happy Christmas Eve to you and yours!! One of the reasons for this season is love and togetherness, that is why my family and I decided to do something really special, fun and different to incorporate into my family activities but one that was geared towards the holidays like a family tradition. As it is a family decision, trust my kiddos to have ideas, options and their own different and unique opinions. When I first starting talking about this I didn’t even imagine how wild and far out the kids will bring up suggestions, and I can tell you it was so hilarious listening to each one of them and yes even my little munchkin to had her say lol.

We talked about so many different ideas, did our researches and the majority voted for matching family Christmas pyjamas, then we began the hunt for the colour and pattern everyone will love and we decided on red for this year since it is our first! Even the photoshoot was absolutely fun and we had a great time. My little one even finished the milk before the shoot even started lol so I’ll say it was for sure fun for everyone.

With Christmas being our favourite holiday of the year, we decided on wearing this pyjamas all day today, prep for tomorrow’s big cooking then watch movies and shows all day lounging around just enjoying each others’ company. I’ll be sharing some real time events on my Instagram stories so head on over there to catch up with what I’ll be up to.

With my decision to be way more intentional with my family, I am super glad I decided to again step out of my comfort zone and do something different and fun and this time creating memories for and with my family especially during this season and time of the year!

Do you have a family tradition? If you don’t I will highly suggest thinking of one that works for you and your family that can also be a continual tradition!


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As always thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful Christmas Eve!