conquering acne and getting my skin clear

Okay, finally I am ready to share all the details of my acne journey! OMG did I just say that? Lol to be honest I had mixed feelings sharing this, as it makes me vulnerable however I thought if its at least three people this post helps then as a professional in the beauty and skincare industry, and for what this blog stands for I have fulfilled my part and I feel amazing! 

Since starting my blog, skincare has been a major part of it, check out past post here.  I am actually a skincare therapist, know more about me here, which by the way is an amazing career as I get a chance to help women and even men to take their skincare game to the next level by working alongside my clients to achieve. You can contact me here for all your skincare concerns and goals.

Now getting into the nitty-gritty, growing up I never experienced pimples or acne, only during the time of the month I get one or two dots every other month and that’s it! Until I got pregnant with my fourth child and my hormones decided it was time to flare up in my second trimester. I had what is called hormonal acne which is the kind of pimples that hurt to touch, look red and inflamed, and just won’t go away. Hormonal acne might take the form of a big whitehead smack on the middle of your cheek, clusters of blackheads all over, or a flaming red zit, but the cause is too much oil lurking in pores. And while other factors can spark breakouts (say, bacteria and sticky skin cells from caking on makeup or not washing your face post-workout)

Breakouts are redder and often deeper than classic zits, which makes them difficult to treat. People who are prone to hormonal acne have an enzyme in their oil that causes mayhem in pores, increasing inflammation, puss, and, likely, those deep, red mounds that are painful and impossible to pop and I will highly advise not to ever pop them as it can result in acne scarring which is a nightmare.


Due to my new skin change, I had to replace all my current skincare products to one that is now more targeted to my new concerns. Being an ambassador with a prestige brand, which I am super grateful for I have the opportunity of trying out amazing products which have helped my skin get much better. I also share a few pictures in this post just to show my skin with makeup on during past photoshoot sessions with bumps on my face which I haven’t been able to share before until now.

I use the most gentle and effective skincare, Arbonne acne line called the Clear Future set to treat my hormonal acne. I use it both day and night, and I start off with the Clear Future Deep Pore Acne Cleanser to wash off my face, followed by spraying RE9 Advanced Regenerating Toner, this helps to bring back the ph balance of the skin and it is from the anti-aging set from this post. Followed by wiping my face with Clear Future Corrective Acne Treatment Pads, this helps with exfoliating dead skin cells, wiping away surface bacteria and penetrate pores to help control (reduce) acne pimples and reduce excess oil. I follow by applying Clear Future Mattifying Acne Treatment Lotion and this a lightweight, non-oily lotion to add moisture without shine.

Now for days where either caused by the time of the month or just when a random break out wants to happen, I apply Clear Future Intensive Acne Spot Treatment directly on the affected area, as this is a fast-acting formula which penetrates and help control (reduce) acne pimples. (THIS CAN NOT BE USED ALL OVER THE FACE)

I have been using this line for months and till date and I am happy to share Unfiltered pictures of my skin and entire face, and I am happy to tell you I have gone back to choosing when to wear makeup, oppose to always wearing makeup because I am trying to hide my acne face, below is a picture I  took a few weeks ago during one of my shoots!

So grateful that I literally do not wear makeup every day except for days I truly need to wear it


As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend ahead and stay flawless