my comfortable and easy summer shoes – mules

Well hello and happy end of the week, and start to the weekend aka Friday!! Super excited about the warm weather but not so much of the continuous rain smh. However, I’m glad its mule season and I can finally get some fresh breeze on my feet and show off my manicured feet and different nail polish from time to time haha 🙂

I was actually going to share my usual outfit post, but I thought nah I will rather share something different and even more fun, which in all honesty I do not know why I haven’t shared at length before until now which are a girl’s best friend…..SHOES!!

Now I am specifically sharing all about my favourite summer styles of shoes to wear during the spring/ summer months with is mules. This is definitely a must have for my collection and I have this style both in flats and heels.I have shared all these shoes literally in one past post or another, especially the heeled mules because they are more dresser, like these green mules and nude ones recently, these pink ones here, white in today’s post, brown here, to remind you of a few.

Mules are seriously my go to, I mean why not it is always a different style and or colour and they can be dressy and for days I don’t feel like wearing pumps or heel sandals and with each season I tend to have different styles and or colours. This summer I have been loving all tans, beige and browns and I am looking to add a white pair of slides or slippers as well here and I might be leaning towards this one and oh this.

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As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish and enjoy your weekend ahead!