Budget friendly summer flats you need now

Summer is finally on full blast here and when I tell you it’s hot, it is hawt hawt and I’m honestly loving it as it is my best season ever wink. It also gets quite humid and sometimes dry and I am constantly drinking water which is a great thing for the entire body and the skin specifically.

As much as I love to style high heels with different outfits and in different ways, I absolutely love and enjoy wearing flats as well. One of the reasons I wanted to share this post is to show my laid back side as I realized I have always shared my more dresser side, and to be honest I’m not always styled in high heels.

Flats come in handy when I am running errands, Going to the grocery store, being out with the kiddos or family as a whole, or sometimes with friends, as long as it is not the church or any form of party or formal events. I most definitely opt for my flats which are more comfortable as you know, and they can be dressed in a not so casual way as I have done in this post which is classic and one of my favourite go to look.

Three Categories and Styles of Flat You Need
  1. Flat Mules, I personally love during the spring and or fall time when the season is in between to cover my toes as shared here or even on days my toe polish is not looking pretty lol
  2. Sandals as shared in white recently here and in this post in sliver colour
  3. Slippers also know as Slides, which I think might be my preference hence why I have more of it, and you can check this post

Also be sure to check out my instagram page as I created a video wearing each pair of flats I own as I shared below.




As always thanks for stopping by, and please keep safe while staying stylish