being a tourist without leaving the country

Hey you remember me lol yep its me, I just decided to take a mini break to enjoy having my family well and alive and just live in the moment. Why not, life is getting more precious by the minute which is one of the many lessons covid-19 is teaching the world, and I’ll say that’s a pretty good reason to be mia wink.
Anyways I’ll be sharing some of the things I have been up to while away and I hope you enjoy upcoming contents as previous ones. Few weeks ago my family and I spontaneously went on a weekend (Friday – Sunday) road trip to Ottawa which is the capital of Canada.
The drive is about 4-5 hours with few stops on the way to either grab something to eat or just to use the restroom. We got into to the city late afternoon, and we stayed at Holiday Inn. Upon checking out our hotel room, we dropped off our bags and off to get some dinner we went downtown which was cool at night and we spent the rest of the night just walking around.
We woke up to heavy downpour of rain, the next morning which unfortunately pushed back our plans of early start to tour the city. I’m so glad we got to experience the city and we even got to see the hospital hubby was born in, the first McDonald he worked at and also the hotel he worked at.
This city is so full of history so muchI that I felt like I was in London England it’s no joke lol. Although I’ve been to this city few times, usually it is for one occasion or the other and it’s always a breezy in and out kind of trip. Overall we had so much fun getting to know and see not only Historical buildings but also enjoy and appreciate the unique Architecture of the city.
  • National War Memorial is a 7-story arch honouring Canadian war vets
  • we walked through the Major’s Hill Park with winding paths & river views and by the way you can see Quebec City from there
  • Drove passed the long Rideau Canal which is popular for boat rides for scenery and turns to ice ring for skating during the winter season.
  • National Galley of Canada is Art museum with many Canadian works which was mind blowing inside and outside
  • Iconic Parliament Hill which is home of Canada’s legislature
  • Centennial Flame located on Parliament Hill is Monument to Canadian confederation and the flame never goes out
  • The Library of parliament is the main information repository and research resource for the Parliament of Canada
  • The Confederation square is considered the second most important ceremonial centre in Ottawa after Parliament Hill and it has the National War Memorial at its centre.
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica is a towering 19th-century church

    So if you’re feeling a need to travel for experience but due to Covid it’s not possible try touring come cities you have yet to visit in your country. Or if by chance you’re ever in Canada I’ll totally recommend seeing this beautiful city and always remember what you’re looking for might just be in your backyard literally!


As always thanks for stopping by, and I hope you become more optimistic, and continue to stay STYLISH!