back from break/change of name

Hello beautiful people long time no blog to read lol, as most of you know via Instagram I delivered my baby girl and my 4th child march 15th 2017. I had to take a much needed break to take care of not only my baby but also my older kids including the hubs. Its been overwhelming having 4 kids lol but I am very grateful to God for a safe delivery.
So I am finally back to blogging and I must say amidst my even more busy life (and in between sleepless nights and feedings) wow I missed blogging and of course how I have missed you guys, you have no idea.
Now while on break I finally decided to change my blog name….Why you may ask?
Well for starters I had been procrastinating having a blog for years, tired of procrastination I spontaneously bought my domain name which drew and helped me start my dream of having a blog.
Although I was happy I conquered my fears and postponing of starting a blog, I realized there seem to be a disconnect, the name wasn’t me and was too generic as far as I was concerned, I wanted a name that was uniquely me in every way. Yes my blog is about style and beauty but I wanted a name I can relate to (which was very important) but equally made sense, easy to pronounce for my readers and generally speaking. Then I started thinking of a name that meant something to me and also signifies the reason I started this blog in the 1st place which is PASSION for fashion, and everything beauty related, in general terms anything that can be beautified.
So I thought long and hard literally as soon as I started the blog, I must say it was very challenging for me searching and thinking of the special and unique name just for me. Thinking of a better name for months was not easy, so I thought passion is what I love doing and its pleasing to me, I needed a name that matches me in every sense about the blog and as an individual. A name if asked I can talk about endlessly without getting tired and that’s how and where heavenly comes in. So PASSION HEAVENLY matches me and the niche of my blog,I feel  happier now as my passion truly feels heavenly to me, and most importantly i feel very connected to my blog name! Yaaay!! 

As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome week ahead!




  1. Ronke
    June 5, 2017 / 12:15 pm

    Weldone girlfriend????

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