all about the fall and winter trends

Trends, I always tell my clients, family, and friends are not for everyone and it much better when you choose which one or the ones that align with your personal style. I literally never followed or cared what was in trend before I started blogging, however, been in the fashion industry has allowed and opened me to appreciate trying out and figuring out what trend works best for me.
I recently in this post shared all about the go-to or in trend prints of the moment and the upcoming fall/ winter season, which is the animal print. Animal Prints trend for me is actually neutral and the reason is that it is usually in the form of fashion pieces like pants, skirts, and dresses as styled here, and also in form of accessories like clutches, earrings, and shoes as worn here. So far animal prints have bee taken well and its everywhere widely and stylishly worn by fashion lovers all over the world, check it out here
Plaids have always been the fall and winter which is the cold season, and like most its never out of style or trend. Plaid is always present every year, as I have styled previously here, see more here
Florals, if you ask me I don’t consider a trend has it is never out of style regardless of the season anyway, however, what I find is its either bold this season and subtle the next season. I have styled florals in the summer, fall and even winter. and more here
Colors are one I’m super excited about because the fashion industry has warmed up to not limiting colors to just the summer seasons. it is now brought to fall and even the winter seasons. Unlike in the past where dark and neutral colors were the main colors of the cold season.

Let me know your favorite fall/ winter trends in the comments below I will love to know! As always I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did working on it.


As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome week while staying STYLISH