about me 2

  • I have an ongoing personal relationship with GOD
  • I married my high school sweetheart (aww)
  • I have 3 beautiful children for now
  • My style is simple, classy, elegant and chic
  • Classy to me means presenting myself respectfully without showing skin
  • I love documenting
  • I love listening to Music
  • I love online shopping
  • Handbags is my weakness
  • I enjoy phone conversation
  • I love classic pieces with a touch of trend
  • My favourite number is 7
  • I enjoy decorating and redecorating
  • My favourite color is metallic royal blue
  • I love and enjoy travelling
  • I love bright vibrant colors
  • I never quit on something I believe in
  • I am the 3rd out of 6 children
  • I admire powerful and intelligent women

I believe been knowledgeable is adding more knowledge