A style that empowers the ‘less is more’ mindset


This quote here sums up the totality of my personal style! Knowing what your personal style is can be challenging and I am grateful that I have always known how I wanted to look or even being perceived, and I was able to identify with my inner being and followed my heart and style, my style has, however, evolved over the years which is a good and normal thing as it shows growth!
Creating a style that empowers you is a real thing. and the feeling is so powerful, so that’s why this gorgeous Friday I share little more about my style, and  I strongly believe in “first impressions last forever” If you are following me on Instagram which I truly hope you are,(please do if you are not as I post real-time events as they happen and I also do videos on there from time to time) so on my profile I have #fullycoveredyetstylish, which I created myself a few months ago. 
I have always believed and resonated in “showing less and that less is more”, and right now one of the things I can’t and won’t trade is my style and the comfort it brings me. Having said that, that does not mean I judge or think less of those who dress or think differently from me, I believe in equality, and freedom of expressing yourself through your personal style. So for me, less is more will always be the signature style that you will always find me in regardless of the season or weather.
Now if you take a look at prominent and powerful women, they are always styled in a conservative way and covered up yet they look absolutely stunning every single time, Check out the British royal family for example, you can never find them dressed in revealing clothes yet the media cannot get enough and won’t stop talking about their sense of style or how stylish they look every single time, this recently happened last weekend during the royal wedding which the entire world watched and appreciated.
So definitely, less is more style is really and truly elegant regardless of being royal, or being in a place of power or just an ordinary style lover! As you might have noticed in all my style pictures here, I have found a way to be very stylish yet am relatively covered most of the time, whether I am dressed up or casually dressed, though it is my comfort zone, however, it makes me feel elegant, confident, comfortable and I always feel my best when the right places for me are covered up.  


As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend while staying STYLISH