A modest style is Honouring God

I saw a quote on social media recently that says “If You Want To Honour God, Use The GIFTS He Gave You” this immediately pulled all the pieces of ideas I have had for awhile in my head together on how to share this post as a more in-depth into “My Why aka My Reason.

I’m extremely passionate about debunking the notion that having a modest style is boring, old fashioned and not fun, and if I do say so myself, my modest style I believe is far from all these I mean look at today’s outfit wink. I truly believe that having a modest closet is a way of actually honouring the Holy Spirt. We also represent God daily not only through our behaviours but also through our appearance.

Modesty originated from the The Bible (1 Timothy 2:9 and Ecclesiastes 9:8 specifically). Having said that, just like any type of closet/style, modesty also requires knowing your style and what your preferences are. It also entails creativity, and doing tons of research for inspiration in order to achieve a tailored yet functional wardrobe.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also still a work in progress, nevertheless I’m getting clearer on how I want to look on a daily. With that clarity also brought about my mission statement “Redefining Modesty Through Modern Multifaceted Style” as written in my bio on social media and the creation of my hashtag #fullycoveredyetstylish which I use literally in all my post on instagram.

I’m getting wiser, stronger and having a better understanding on a daily on how to curate a closet and style that works best for me. Hence why my vision and goal are to continue inspiring you through sharing tips and tricks of how to be modest, stylish, elegant and to be as trendy as possible when and where needed.

As you know my entire blog is all about this and more, I have shared few articles like this post, this one and also even videos here and here specifically. To be honest, I am getting more and more fervent about sharing and showing you ways to achieve a unique, cultivated, organized well thought of collection in your closet just for this dignified selective niche.

I hope you enjoy today’s post as much as I did putting together!!

Outfit Details//
//Dress// sold out, similar here, love this,
//Earrings// love thismore here
//Mules//sold out, budget friendlymore here,
//Bag//YSL envelope bag, herebudget friendly
//Belt//Ferragamo herebudget friendly
//Sunglasses//Christian Dior, sold out similar styles herebudget friendly

As always thank you for taking timeout to show me some love by being here and continue to stay STYLISH!