a little casual pink flare for val’s​​ day

Still bringing you inspirational vibes for valentines day, I thought to bring you a look much easier and less dressy compared to what I shared here. I decided to go for a pink colour this time, which is another beautiful colour worn to celebrate this special day for LOVE.

I totally swooned when I saw this coat last summer I believe it was. The exciting part was it was on sale in Zara, of course, and people at the store was looking at me crazy. I just smiled at their expression, like why is she buying a coat in summer lol. Well, one of my buying tips is buying offseason as you get it at a great deal which I did 🙂

To be honest, the details on this coat just got me wanting it, I mean seriously look at the sleeves don’t you just love it, how moderately flared it is? With slight pleats in between the sleeves, the details are just too impeccable. The colour also is so beautifully cool however you can’t go without noticing it.

So to be able to showcase this coat, I decided to pair it with all black which also compliments the colour beautifully. I decided to style my leather pants which I have in another colour here. So, lately, I find myself loving and gravitating towards leather which I never have given a thought to in the past. I must say I do enjoy wearing them as they are so comfortable and stylish pairing and putting pieces together with.

//Outfit details//
//Earrings// Zara, old, similar styles 
//Leather Pants// Joe Fresh, sold out, similar,similar styles
//Pink Coat// Zara, old,  similar here
//Pom Pom Heels// Sam Eldelman, similar here 
//Gloves// Joe Fresh, sold out, similar styles
//Turtleneck// old, similar here
//Handbag// old, budget friendly
//Belt// Salvtore Ferragammo, herebudget friendly, more here

As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish!