a day set aside for loving each other

YES love should be celebrated always I agree, However, what is wrong with ONE day set aside to celebrate LOVE the most important thing in life that makes everything better and glues people together..

I have shared gift ideas in previous post here, be sure to check it out for some inspiration on what to get that someone who makes you tick, or better still the ying to your zang wink lol.. For this year’s Valentines day, I will like to challenge you to doing something different on ways to celebrate this awesome day.

Out Of The Ordinary ways to Celebrate Valentines Day
  1. Ditch Restaurants and take out: Why not try doing the groceries together and both cook what you will like to eat and also the time spent in the kitchen talking and laughing makes it fun too and honestly it is getting way more expensive eating out.
  2. A Day at the Spa/Salon: Most men aren’t used to going to the spa, so why not go get your manicures, pedicures, facials  and even massages done, I can assure you it will be fun times wink.
  3. Book A Fun and Informative Session: This might be anything that you know both you and your partner will truly enjoy and participate in. So it can be a dancing class for spouses who dance off beat lol omg even I’m chuckling here. You can also try a cooking class for a partner who needs help in the kitchen.
  4. Plan Ahead: Whatever ways or activities you choose to celebrate make sure to make that reservation ahead and don’t be a last minute type as this most of the times ruins or almost doesn’t out fun for all involved. And I should know as my hubs is learnt the hard way fe times doing this on different occasions and trust your girl to give the speech and that side eye haha.

Overall just take time to appreciate your partner which is the most important!!

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