embracing and enjoying spring in pastels

Happy Monday lovelies, hope you had an awesome weekend and ready for a brand new week with great expectations to seeing results! The weather this past weekend was just a dream come through especially this past Sunday, the weather was so summerlike it was a breath of fresh air and the forecast says it is going to be like that all week long and I can not wait!
I have been incorporating spring style into my daily outfit to brighten up my day and gently ease off on the heavy jacket especially now the weather is looking up and getting better. I do this by wearing long sleeves and either of course pants and or skirt as in this post and adding a shawl to wrap around for warmth.
One of the things I love about spring is wearing floral as in this post as much as you want and also pastel as in this post, I also love restyling pieces as you know by now, I have worn this top differently in this post and the skirt in this post the mini bag various times here. 
 Spring fsahion is always fresh and vibrant and it always feels so refreshing to me when I can reduce the layering and opt for lighter layers for days when the weather gets a bit chilly. It feels like when you have freshly washed and ironed clothes for me lol I don’t know why but I feel much lighter like I have lost some weight or a heavy burden has just been lifted off my shoulders.

 //Outfit Details//
//Tie Top// Vince Camuto, love this, similar here
//Skirt// HM old, similar here, here
//Shoes// Sam Eldeman, here
//Sunglasses// Hugo Boss, old, similar here

As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome week while staying STYLISH