8 tips & tricks to show yourself some love

Get Married, have children they said, but nobody ever tells you how it honestly gets so overwhelming that we forget ourselves. I have definitely had my share of confusion about “my new” post baby body. I’m human, I’m a wife, a mother who is growing a business I’m praying into an empire one day so I GET IT!!

It is Mental Health Awareness Week also Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, I have always been and will continue to be all for self care as I have shared in this post, here, and here.  Just like I stated in my about me which I still stand firm on I most definitely understand how challenging it can be juggling these important roles while still trying to look put together.

So heads up I will continue to share post related to this for as long as as I have my blog. This space of mine of ours – Passion Heavenly, is a space or hub I want people to visit for uplifting and inspirations just like today’s post, for style, for Faith, for home decor and just all around good energy/vibes and growth.

8 Tips & Tricks To Loving Yourself

  • Sleep – Getting a good night or even afternoon sleep can definitely give that refreshing feeling you need. It also helps a ton with productivity so go get that beauty sleep your body needs!!
  • Outsourcing – especially ones you are not strong in, it could be tasks in your business, and or chores around the house just get HELP! With this tip I have to be honest I just started implementing both in my business and in my home and wowza how awesome that feels.
  • Gifting Yourself – This has got to be my secret in taking great care of myself and one of the things I learnt through the Holy Spirit which has absolutely helped me in my marriage. Make sure you read this Post for juice wink.
  • Declutter Toxics this can be anything in your life like people, things or even habits and you can read this post for ways to do so.
  • Reading – getting a good book recommendations from friends and family can be good for your soul. I have shared some in this post you can also join a book club which I just did very recently and I’m loving it so far.
  •  Share Emotions – is so needed with so much going on in the world currently which can be overwhelming and messes with our mindset and mental health as a whole. So finding a trusted friend, sister, family or even a therapist to talk to often does work amazing, most importantly Praying does help a ton in fact way more than you know until you do.
  • Incorporating Gratitude doing this everyday will without doubt change your life positively that you won’t believe trust me on this wink. check out this post about being grateful.
  • Indulge in Happiness – Friend life is too damn short, we hear this all the time right. Well because its true and covid undeniably showed and brought it home for us to do whatever brings us JOY! I share more in this post as well.
  • Good Music – listening to songs that are especially free of cursing can soothing your body and soul and get your body moving which is a good form exercises. I shared some of my favourites here and I might need to revised as I found found more awesome songs.
  • Exercises – is such an awesome way to maintain positivity inner lives. I need to step up my game on this one for sure lol, I always say I’m not big on gym but daily walking is my jam so try it sometime too.

As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish and start on a self love journey today!