8 Chic colours to substitute for black

So now that it is officially the fall season, I want to address this general notion that black is the ideal colour for fall and winter season especially for work, and I absolutely disagree. Personally, wearing dark or black colour clothing messes with my mood, it just pulls me down, makes me feel sad, and unmotivated.

I have shared on here many times that wearing colours just makes everything great! So If you don’t wear much colours, I want to Challenge you on today’s post to stay away from blacks for work or play, trust me, I understand the struggle of running out of ideas sometimes, that is why I encourage you find some or all the colours I’ll be sharing.

You can decide to invest in some of these if you typically wear all black, and trust me you can do with minimal to no black coloured item in your work outfits I assure you! Tough you might say but if you are willing to challenge yourself like I did, and if I can do it, then you can do the same even better! wink

  • Caramel/Tan is a shade I adore and its been my go to for work and beyond, as it goes and pairs great with everything and I mean everything! You can check out this post and these looks I shared recently  here.
  • Burgundy/Plum instead of reds or purples which are awesome warm colours for fall and for work, these colours are subtle and can also compliment other colours when combined with like navy, white or grey. Check this post and here
  • Olive Green is another colour that brings life to your work or everyday style without been overpowering, you should give it a try, see here
  • Beige /Nude shade is definitely a MUST have, as it literally works better than black in my opinion, because it compliments and diffuses bold colours seamlessly.
  • Orange/ Rustic shade is definitely one of the main fall colours I will absolutely recommend you incorporate into your fall and winter colours.
  • Navy Blue is a favourite that I wear instead of blacks and I elaborate more in this post and also check this post for inspiration.
  • Brown, I’ll suggest to be careful not to go too dark if not you might slowly drift right black into old and boring habits of wearing blacks which we are trying to stay away from. I suggest combining browns with beige as I shared here, or trying this
  • Grey is similar to brown, I suggest doing the light shade of grey rather than dark which can be mistaken as black.

I for this post I have a video on my instagram page that. showcases most of this colours that I have styled, shared and linked in this blog post so please do check it out!

As always thanks for stopping by, and I hope you become more optimistic, and continue to stay STYLISH!