7 reasons you need to embrace the relationship and cancel the membership

Attending church every Sunday is one of the many ways to hear the Word of God and fellowship with like minded people. However, going to church every Sunday and or being a worker without applying the teachings and trying to grow in your faith is entirely void without a personal connection to God as shared here. Especially now that churches are currently online and that physical interaction is on hold till further notice, I want to encourage you to embrace your relationship with God.

It is time to start living a life of purpose and not just living for ourselves but for God Almighty, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the best time to continuously, fellowship and get to know the Holy Spirit more than ever each passing day. With the current turmoil in the world, from the pandemic nobody understands, to massive loss of livelihood for a lot of people not to mention the senseless gang killings, and police brutality which as led to many losing their lives.

Getting closer to God through Jesus Christ is absolutely important for our everyday lives and practicing ways to develop and strengthen your faith as shared here is beneficial for us not God to be honest. Just so you know the birth of this blog is through the Holy Spirit and all growth thus far. I ask the Holy Spirit unbelievable things like inspiration for outfits which I love sharing on the blog comes from the Holy Spirit hence all the vibrant colours and combinations wink.

My Purpose of starting Faith Category on my blog is to grow as I share this category, to inspire, most importantly to encourage you to draw closer to God through having a personal relationship. Building our walk and relationship is very crucial and without it our religion is really empty, going to church and listening to the word of God is defeated as well.

I share today’s post based on my personal experience, because 3-4 years ago I was too busy juggling family, work and trying to grow my brand that I lost sight of my fellowship with God if not for His grace that nudged me. So I decided to stop going to church but started connecting with God through, praying, reading my bible and listen to online services, books etc. I can body tell you it is one of the best decision ever.

Seven Reasons to Embrace and Take Your Relationship with the Holy Spirit Seriously
  •   When you build a close relationship with God, you begin to see things through his eyes and you will be more knowledgeable in EVERYTHING because God is the greatest teacher
  • You will hear directly From God Almighty Himself and He will direct your steps into being more successful in all your endeavours when you seek Him first.
  • Your prayer life will be stronger, God will use you mightily for His kingdom, which in turn fulfil your divine purpose and His Will for your life.
  • You will be broken in every area of your life giving no room for offences, anger, malice etc, rather you will be excited to tell others about Go, which is what I am doing lol.
  • Your Faith and trust in God will increase as you get closer, and you will be able to understand so also overcome all challenges and tribulations that come your way.

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As always thanks for stopping by, and I pray you start your journey of continuous fellowship with God