7 must have timeless summer essentials

Here is to another great week coming to an end, with the start of summer season officially, which also kickstarts the weekend. And so what better way of enjoying the summer season other than having the necessary items and pieces needed to enjoy the weather.
According to the calendar summer just kicked off but in reality, it has started about last month I will, and so I decided to share things I cannot but have during the warmer months. Now I am not adding sunscreen even though It is very much needed during the summer months I feel it is no brainer as It should be used all year long as it is a form of protection for the skin regardless of the season or the months.

Here are the items much needed during the warmer months –

  1. Jean jacket is one versatile piece that will get it is most worth it irrespective of your personal style and does not matter the piece it can be styled with any and every piece as styled here.
  2. Maxi dresses for me is not brainer like my summer is literally not completed and can never be fun without good old maxi, as styled here, here and here with much more to come in the next few weeks so be on the lookout!
  3. Sandals either flats or heels can work either or depend on the occasion, or the outfit of the day or night. Generally speaking, heeled sandals will be for summer weddings and or events, night out etc.
  4. Straw hat I highly recommend in covering the head and face, also to combat the scorching sun which as awesome as it is, and much needed it also causes major damage to the skin, just like in this post where it was so hot 
  5. So also straw bags are actually big and very trendy during the summer months, and I personally love this bags as it allows my leather handbags take a minute of rest. I styled straw bags here and here
  6. Tank tops and or T-shirt so this will definitely come in handy for dress down or casual kind of days, and as simple as this pieces might be they can be dressed up for a casual business meeting, hanging with friends and family or for mom on the goes like I am!
  7. Shorts is one piece that can be styled so much during the summer months as it is so comfortable and easy to style. 

I truly hope this summer most have essentials help you get through a wonderful and fun summer!

As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend while staying STYLISH