7 must have classic/versatile pieces (winter edition)

Happy Friday style lovers, hope you guys are having an amazing start to this new year and I pray for everyone to have all their new year resolutions meant, goals achieved and heart fulfilled.
For this new year and today’s post, I am sharing how to be a smart and savvy shopper by having some must-have pieces that I feel everyone who loves fashion, loves budget-friendly but expensive look and finally, like to get the most wear out of investment or statement pieces. All these pieces I am sharing are classic and very very versatile that can be either dressed up or dressed down, alone or layered with other pieces mentioned and others.
Now to illustrate how timeless and classic these pieces are I decided to link some of my pregnancy and of course pre-pregnancy posts here just so you can see how evident it is to get the most out of your pieces. Having said that for my pregnant beauties I have a similar post here with most of this same pieces I shared that can benefit you as well.
White shirt – This is a true definition of a classic and timeless piece, which can be worn alone with pants. skirt, jeans, leggings and a dress, or can be layered over or under another piece. This piece always comes through whatever or however your imagination can take you. Check out this post here
Black turtleneck sweater – This works as a layering piece or either by itself or worn on the pieces mention and can be styled similarly as the white shirt, styled in this post
Over the knee boots – This as we all know is a huge necessity during the winter season to keep the legs warm and from been ashy due to the harsh weather. Again versatility is the key word here and can be worn on skirt, dresses, jeans or leggings, styled here.
Long Vest/ Trench – This piece I just incorporated into my style after I tried and love it and I am so glad I did, I find it to be one of those go to when in doubt pieces styled while pregnant here and pre-pregnancy here
Red Coat – just like the white shirt this is a classic and timeless piece.you cant go wrong having in your collection.as it can be styled in multiple ways with different pieces and also achieve a more expensive look like in this post.
Blazers – This is another go-to piece which is a must 100% in every woman’s closet and can be owned in different colors, style, and fit as in this post, and here. Personally, I have an ongoing collection myself and wearing a blazer is the way to go
Black dress – Now this cannot be negotiated it has to be in a woman’s closet as it makes us women. Without this piece I don’t know how else we can dress up and be addressed lol its that piece you have in multiple styles, textures and fit either being dressed up or down this piece is obviously a must-have, styled here.

I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I did working on it!

As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend ahead while staying STYLISH