8 Ways To Enhance Your Natural Beauty 

As I get older, taking care of myself overall has become even more important and top priority to me without any compromise of any sort. As humans we naturally function better when our whole being is well taken care of mentally, physically emotionally and so on. We are beautiful in our unique ways, and enhancing what we already have makes us even more beautiful each day and in turn bringing about youthfulness and graceful aging.

8 Ways To Enhance Your Natural Beauty 

  1. Pedicure and Manicure is absolutely no brainer and it is important to any outfit, and I highly recommend you either get your nails done at the salon every 2-3 weeks or you can do it yourself too. It is just not a good look to have a stylish and gorgeous outfit but not so nice looking nails to match the look.
  2. Skincare – Everything I have shared regrading skincare can be found in this category so please check it out. In addition, I have finally switched up my skincare with new products so I will be sharing what I currently use and loving soon, so stay tuned.

Find the right products targeted to your skin type For winter and summer

  • Have an effective morning and evening routine and stick with it diligently to see results
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen during the day for protection regardless of your skin colour
  • Don’t forget to slut off dead skin using scrubs 🙂

3. Makeup – This is a big beauty enhancer for sure as it brings out our stunning facial features. And just like skincare I have also incorporated new products into my routine, and also shared previously so check here as well.

  • Find your right shade in foundation, concealer etc
  • Use Lipsticks and blush that suit your skin tone
  • Intensify your beautiful/fav features

4. Find Your Scent – Smelling good will always be an elegant and classy way to go, regardless of your preference in scents. I highly believe smelling good is good business hence why I shared 10 out of some my of fragrance collection on my YouTube channel so go check it out. wink

5. Your Hair – Since I have been little I have always heard from my mom that the hair is the crown-of a woman and it is absolutely true. If you look through my blog you will most definitely realize that I tend to switch up my hair styles as often as I possibly can or like. My advise will be to…..

  •  Research products
  • Research salons, and or professional stylist to help take care of this crown of yours always.

6. Body – Regardless of your weight and or body type, know it carries you gracefully so be kind it to as well by doing the needful by

  • Loving it the right way just as is who cares what others think, what really matters is how we see ourselves
  • Dressing it properly according to your body type
  • Feeding and not starving it because you wish to loose weight ( get into shape the healthy way

7. Do not forget your Medical check ups and Dentist visit as your internal is as important as your external so make sure you prioritize your health.

8. Sleep is essential hence why it is called beauty sleep. Let us normal rest so do not work too hard and forget your body, mind and spirit needs a reset as well to be able to function the way you need to use it.

Having said these, make sure you are well groomed at all times, eyebrows, brushed hair, lips is well moisturized and skin swell taken care of. It contributes heavily to looking beautiful, Opulent and like the lady of substance that you are.

As always thank you for taking timeout to show me some love by being here and continue to stay STYLISH!