5 things to do during the Holidays

Schools are officially done and closed for the holidays and for the school year 2020 this week, which means the kiddos will be home 24/7 till January 2021, and this can lead to clashes amongst them like constant fights, screams etc. As a mom of 4, listening to all this can be very tiresome, and sometimes these fights multiplies which can then trigger everyone which most times are seriously unnecessary and can be avoided but as you know kids will always be kids regardless.

So for my personal peace of mind and everyone’s, I always try to come up with different strategies as much as possible that will help minimize this confrontations. When brain storming for different methods I try to be creative and sometimes recycle ideas in multiple techniques without repeating which can come across as boring.

For this holiday season, I came up with some fun ways to enjoy each other’s company without any form of hostile behaviour from or towards either of the kids. Therefore, I decided to share the below tips and I hope you find it as helpful as my family and I did

  1. Movie marathon is a definite must while home and I think its a no brainer on this right lol.
  2. Try out new recipes for and with the family by doing some research online
  3. Also do not forget to include some reading times for yourself and the Kiddos most especially
  4. Incorporate lone times individually or better still enjoying time outs as a family where everyone does what they like quietly.
  5. Have a family photo shoot sessions, it doesn’t have to be done professionally, just using your phone can be fun too wink lol.
  6. Take time out to treat yourself by indulging in some self care whatever your personal care looks and feels like
  7. Make sure you have major fun with your family because it is much needed


As always thanks for stopping by, and I hope you become more optimistic, and continue to stay STYLISH!



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      Thank you for the love darling!! 🙂

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