5 fashion trends i tried and love

Happy Friday style lovers! Hope you guys had a productive week thus far and looking forward to the weekend! As we all know trend evolves, it comes and goes each year, each season fashion changes and like I stated in my about me page my style is classic with a touch of trend. Now this means I don’t do too many trendy pieces. I am more drawn to pieces that are classic and timeless regardless of the in trend this piece will always shine through and will have people asking where I got that piece from.
A trend for me has to match my personality and style, that is the only reason I will try it. For me generally speaking I tend to buy pieces I fall in love with or it goes back to the store. For the past 2 years, I have allowed myself to venture into trying some trends I never even gave a thought to talk-less of actually buying them and surprisingly I love and they have stayed and are now my staple pieces.
Wearing hats – As simple as putting on a hat I have never in the past tried wearing a hat to complete my looks before. Funny thing was it actually started with my mom yes my mother. We went out to I believe it was winners store and she saw this hat and playfully put it on and she gave it to me to try, which I did and looked at the mirror and that was it the love of hats began lol. Since then I started my hat collection in different colors and styles and I also incorporated into my outfit post, in a different color here, in a different style here and here and there will be more styles and colors in future post to come so stay tuned to how I style them!
Wearing mini bags – This I must say is still surprising to me till date, as I have always been a fan and lover of large handbags as stated in this post. It is one of those trends I tried and am glad I did, as carrying big bags has its disadvantages as most things do, this solved that big handbag issues lol. I first tried mini bags when Bcbgmaxazria had their closing down sale and I grabbed this and this, then Zara came out with this and this in summer, then Instagram made me do this Lol. So far I am loving the mini bag trend
Different colors of winter jacket – Now this I super love as you know I am naturally drawn to vibrant colors. When I first laid eyes on this (went home couldn’t take my mind off its so I went back) and this. (i  couldn’t leave the store without it) it was pure love at first sight as the colors spoke to me and I alone could hear and understand the language lol, and then I went for this, and also this
Cold shoulder trend This was a risk I spontaneously tried and thank goodness it works out well enough for me to try few more in another style here and then I went further in this post and ventured deeper into this and the love grew more even till date.
Sneakers on dresses and or skirt – I actually tried this trend for comfort when I was 8 almost 9 months pregnant with my last baby, usually I prefer to wear flats instead however at that time my feet couldn’t fit into any of my flats without hurting me, I enjoyed this trend until I had the baby and even still continued in this post and till date as it brings not only comfort but a stylish outfit combination.  With that, I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did working on it Until next week blessings!

As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome week ahead while staying STYLISH