5 essential Styles of boots you need for winter 

With the weather having no respect lol and just been freezing everyone’s feet to stupor, this is the time to get your boots game on point. Especially If you’re like me living in an extremely cold climate like Canada. You know the importance of owning a pair of nice and cozy boots to keep your feet toasty warm during the winter season.

Now, please know depending on your lifestyle, these boots can be dressed up or casually also can be with or without heels. The choice is absolutely yours :). Over the course of blogging and updating this website with articles, I have shared quite a lot of these boot styles.

However, in today’s post these pair of boots which comes in a lot of colours check here, are totally different from my usual, it has colour yay lol, I got it on sale here and here (still on sale) and it was just screaming my name so I had to share with you ladies lol.

If you are following me on my Instagram, you would have seen this look on my stories. I styled these boots casually with a pair of high waisted jeans, high collar coat (new hasn’t been shared on YouTube yet, wink)  this turtleneck dress from this post as a top.

And if you are also subscribed to my YouTube channel which I hope you are. I shared my new prescription glasses and the unboxing of my current coach pillow tabby bag (also comes in 2 other colours and in a smaller size) already.

Having said that, having different styles for different occasions is also a must. Hence I decided to share 5 essential styles of boots needed in your closet for this brutal as ever least, never going to be my favourite season lol.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did working on it! So if there is a style you love and I missed, please don’t hesitate to share in the comments below!

5 Styles Of Boots You Need

  • Snow boots (I highly recommend it been flats for obvious reasons 
  • Over the knee boots aka OTK ( heels or flats 
  • Flat every day comfy boots is a must 
  • Knee high boots ( heels or flats 
  • Ankle boots (heels or flats 




As always thank you for taking timeout to show me some love by being here cheers to an amazing boots season!