2019 a year of sharing more of me

What other way of entering into the first day of March, and my birthday month other than with today’s post. I briefly mentioned in this post how I have been thinking of sharing more. Well, I have decided to share more personal contents, don’t get me wrong I do love and enjoy sharing my clothing assemble and beauty related contents. However, I now feel more comfortable sharing other parts of my life!

//Outfit details//
//Linen Blazer// HM past season, heresimilar styles
//Linen Pants// HM past Season, here, similar here
//Graphic T-shirt// Zara, old, similar styles
//Shoes// Sam Eldaman, old, simialr style 

I want to be more practical – entering into 2019, I didn’t have a new year resolution because like many people it never gets fulfilled. Now that does not mean I don’t have goals I want to achieve, in fact if anything my goals are way more scary than I like or want to admit. I just want to start setting realistic goals for myself that are actually achievable.

Amongst this, I have decided that every year I will challenge myself to do something new and that kind of scares me yikes lol. Last year I shared how I faced my concern for wearing sleeveless pieces here. It felt liberating coming out of my comfort zone. So this year I’m pulling down my guard a little to welcome you into my world.

Creating amazing memories – Now this one is huge and would definitely be on my new year resolution list if I had one. I really love travelling but unfortunately, my family and I haven’t been doing this as much as we all would love to. As you know life throws curve balls at us when we least expect, having said that I plan on starting this soon, and this picture of one of our trips to England brings great memories for sure. I swear we were a happy bunch lol our day was spent sightseeing, hopping on trains and buses hence the tired faces and also the picture was unexpected. 🙂

Quit overthinking everything – I want to be a little spontaneous a bit more and just go for things I feel is right in my guts and just enjoy the moments. I have missed going on dinner dates, movies and even parties with friends just because I think about the situations and even imagine scenarios in my head and eventually think myself out of fun times out. The picture below is one of the few times I was kind of spontaneous and it ended up being one of the best times ever, visiting Jamaica for the first time with the hubby without the kiddos!

As always thanks for stopping by!