20 songs to soothe and uplift your spirit now

One of the major ways to make GOD happy, connect to HIM, and get your prayers answered immediately is through praise and worship as it is said in the Bible Psalm 96: 1-5, Psalm 68:32, and  things you might not know about me is how much I love to dance and of course listen to MUSIC! it is one of things I cannot function without doing each day. It just brings me joy and always uplifts my spirit when I am down, that is why I decided to share some of my favourites with you. I hope some of this songs help soothe and wash away any pain or hurt you might be feeling.

Also you can just listen and dance away in the presence of God which is what the Holy Spirit LOVES. Personally, I believe music is a universal language and so I want to encourage you try listening and enjoy songs even though it is not in a language you understand. That is why I decided to mix up and share songs in different languages and from different cultures.

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Some of the Praise Songs I love dancing to
Some Worship Songs I love and listen to

I absolutely love and recommend Israel Houghton’s entire album called Jesus at the centre, and Vashawn Mitchell’s albums “Created for This and Triumphant




As always thanks for stopping by, and I pray you start your journey of continuous fellowship with God