14 ways to stylishly tie Ankara scarf

I decided to share another part of my culture which is tying scarves in different ways on your head, I put emphasis on your head because I have shared different ways to utilize scarves in your closet few weeks ago. Now not just any kind of scarf but I’m sharing bold and vibrant African prints and like I have shared in this Ankara post aka African prints which are functional fabrics with prints by the way for added fun as well.

Since my big chop aka cutting off natural my hair last year, I have been trying different things and different ways to make my short hair work best for my everyday life. One of the things I have incorporated again and I say again because I use to style scarves a lot few years back and I honestly can’t think of a reason why I stopped.

Anyways I’m glad I’m back by incorporating scarves.as into my lifestyle and also experimenting as fall and winter months are upon us and covering our hair/head from the cold is needed. wink

Thanks to Nylee Fashion for today’s post by the way because I had been wanting to share this post for like forever however, I haven’t found a seller of Ankara that had just the scarf length and also I hadn’t found prints, patterns and colours that I love and you know I love and encourage you to have some prints/ patterns and colours in your closet!

This post is mainly to show you how beautiful and excitingly fun scarves can be when tied the right way, these styles of scarves are definitely a conversation starter, they will definitely give you the kind of attention you do not get on a daily basis for reals lol.

I know the title of this post says how to tie Ankara however, you can try any or all of this styles with other types or fabrics. Having said that, I guarantee you Ankara fabrics looks way way better than using any kind of fabric, and you can be the judge as I share pictures of different ways to tie or style scarves amazingly below.

As usual I have listed all the scarves and more in a clickable collage and you can shop directly from the seller whom was absolutely a sweetheart all through placing my order to delivery of all the scarves, if you are interested! Also I highly recommend that you follow me or check out my Instagram page so you get to see the fun and amazing video I created for this post and I also intend to create a separate highlight for this post as well!

So I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did working and creating it!




As always thanks for stopping by, continue to stay stylish