13 habits you need healing from on a daily basis

Did you know you and I need healing everyday? I know you’re like healing? But I’m not sick, well thankfully it’s not only when we are physically sick, we should be praying for healing. There are obviously many serious addictions that need Holy Spirit alone for proper and definite healing James 5:14, and there are also some habits that we have and do everyday that also needs Devine intervention, but are not as serious as addictions.

The kind of healing I will be sharing in today’s post are sins against God but worldly known as habits Pslams 103:3, James 5:15, the ones we are either intentional and or unintentional about. This kind of habits which when not dealt with immediately everyday as it comes can later grow into addictions, and as we any type of habits not under controls robs us of our happiness one way or the other.

Here are different types of everyday habits that needs healing Isaiah 53:5
  • Jealousy /Envy
  • Disobedience to God
  • An Ungrateful heart – this is in my personal opinion one of the worst if not the worst ever kind attitude or habit
  • Have no control of your Mouth – Vulgar words and always cursing
  • Not been Content with what you have
  • Pornography
  • Laziness
  • Unforgiveness – This is one of the hardest things Andi share ore here
  • Gluttony –
  • Manipulating others
  • Gossiping – constantly speaking badly about others
  • Not respecting the rules – not all rules are meant to be broken
  • Having a fixed mindset – not interested in changing for the better

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As always thanks for stopping by, and I hope you become more optimistic and Ask the Holy Spirit for Healing!